LoneStarAngel [ManyVids] - Socks and a Foot Fetish Encouragement


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While wearing socks, I give you explicit details on how I would stroke you with my feet. I encourage you to stroke along, with the fantasy of my covered soles rubbing your throbbing head and hard shaft. I give you a visual of my feet stroking your cock, while talking you through the orgasm you are going to have for me. As I tease, I continue to encourage, while smelling my sweaty socks and popping my toes. I do eventually take off one of my socks, with a slow tease right into the camera, as though it was your face. My soles are soft and my toes are suckable. I ask you to cum, blowing your load all over both of my feet, one fully exposed, while the other is still covered with a sock. In the end, I suck my toes, licking up all of your cum that I imagine you just blew all over them…, Size:

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