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More with Cali Carter: Featuring Cali Carter (@ MissCaliCarter) Cali & Olivia love to spend their Friday nights at the club, but they're not the average pair of friends. They love to play a game they call "sexecutrix". They pick a man in the bar who seems desperate for sex, they seduce him, spike his libation, and then they distract him with sex while the paralytic takes effect. As a bonus, they take whatever money is in his wallet. Tonight their victim is Laz, a fit man who thinks he's won the lottery when Cali & Olivia start stripping & undressing him then taking turns giving him a blowjob. He's so excited he can hardly contain himself as they sit on his face & ride his cock. He hardly notices as the ladies sit on his face longer & longer until he's struggling for breath under Cali's beautiful ass. Cali gives him one last chance to breath before completely ruining him. Once he's gone, the ladies celebrate another sucessful Friday night, Size:

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