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This is a Custom Video You wake up a little groggy and hung over. The last thing you remember was being at the bar. Then you wake up in diapers. But I couldn't help myself. I had to take you home. I was going to fuck you but your little pee pee looked like it should be in a diaper instead. Don't you like the diapers Mommy picked out for you? That's right you're going to be Mommy's Diapered bb boy. Don't be upset my sweet B*by boy you can suckle Mommy's big boobies. Don't you like your baba? I know how you can make Mommy happy. You can lick my panties, they got so wet and messy. You lick Mommy's panties untiI I cum. You're such a good Diapered b*by boy. Tell mommy you love her and the diapers I picked out for you. You get a cute little hard in for Mommy. I take your little wee wee out and start sucking you then tell you when I want you to cum in your diaper. You are such a good boy for Mommy. I Love you my sweet Diapered big boy, Size:

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