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We were friends all throughout our younger years, and you always had a on me, but I just took advantage of you and made you do things for me. I friend-zoned you for years, breaking your heart with each rejection, but you always still did favors for me because you were so in love with me and so powerless to me. You legitimately thought I cared about you, but just as a friend. Now that we are older, I have decided to officially enslave you. We begin your enslavement with you here, on the floor. Naked... shivering... helpless. You are a pathetic loser, an ugly weak maggot, a powerless piece of human garbage, no backbone pathetic footslave. You are fucking stupid, a filthy doormat, ugly disgusting filth. You are dirt beneath my feet. Today, you learn your place. I own you now., Size:

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foot fetish verbal humiliation female domination humiliation foot worship