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You wanted this you got it. First it was you wanting to be locked up in chastity, then it was make you eat your own cum and finally you can't help but beg for me to fuck other men. Strangers in fact. Funny that you thought I wouldn't do it. It's funny that you thought chastity would be a game we played once in awhile now it's your whole life. It's funny you thought eating your own cum was something I would make you do only once in a while and now I won't let you cum at all unless you lick it all up. And it's really funny that you thought I wouldn't go through with seducing a stranger and getting a much bigger cock to fuck than yours. That's what this anklet is for. Letting everyone know that tonight I'm on the hunt and you're going to hunt with me. Now open your slut mouth and start worshiping my heel while I tell you exactly what sort of humiliation you're going to endure this evening, Size:

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