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JEMMA'S STUDY GROUP TURNS INTO A CUM RAMPAGE!!! THIS IS WHY BOYS AND GIRLS SHOULDN'T STUDY TOGETHER!!! JEMMA MILKS BOTH BOYS......... What happens when two boys study with a Girl? Give up? The Girl milks both boys of course!!! Jemma, Johnny & Josh form a small study group to prepare for a test at school. Jemma, of course, is the smartest of the group...and She is desperately trying to explain to the boys how the math equations work. The boys don't seem to get it (So...what else is new???). Jemma soon realizes that these boys have never studied with a Girl before...and they seem to be distracted. Jemma lifts up Her shirt, and asks if Her Boobs are causing the distraction. Jemma knows what boys like....they like to Jemma pulls down their pants, and starts to Beat-Off both boys at the same time!! Jemma Jerks all the cum out of Josh....then She sucks all the cum out of Johnny. The boys seem to be more focused on studying now....and Jemma got what She wanted too....cum!!! Lots of cum!!!, Size:

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