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Thank you for coming into my office, as requested. I'm sure you've heard the rumors. I'm tough as nails. I have to be, of course, I'm running a massive business and I need to make sure everyone is doing their part. I'm sure you've also heard the downsizing rumors. Stop right there. I've made my decisions. I need people to do whatever I tell them to do. I need employees who will say yes to ANYTHING that I request of them. ANYTHING. And over the years, I've barely seen you. I've heard about you though. You want to be heard. Honestly, I didn't hire you for that. I really don't care what you think. Why would I? I would have put you in marketing if I cared what you had to say. You are just... a Lemming... well, a Lemming who won't LISTEN. I hired you to be a quiet Lemming. But no, no. Little Lemming wants to move up. No, no. Not what I want. You can say you'll listen now, but I really have to wonder, what are you willing to do? Hmmm? Really... what are you willing to do? Oh... you thought I meant... oh, no, no, I don't want to have sex with you. GOD, NO. That is the last thing that I want. I have plenty of other people in this office that I'll have sex with before you. I'm talking about other things. How far will you let me go before you're totally broken? I need you to withstand anything. Even something uncomfortable. Something... degrading. What can you handle? Come on over here if you want to keep your job. Get down on the floor and rest your head on my chair. I'm going to grind my ass on your face, smooshing you properly. Can't guarantee the smell will be great. And when I take the pants off and spread my cheeks wide, you'll get a good gaze into that filthy stinky ass hole. Well, Little Lemming, what's it gonna be?, Size:

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