GoddessNatalie [ManyVids] - 7 days of entrancement - day 6


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If in the previous session we focused on my sexy ass and you got entranced by it and only by it, today is all about my boobs. Because I know how much you love them and how you dream of them at night sometimes, hoping you'll one day be able to touch them, kiss them, worship them in person, I will allow you to get entranced by my breasts. Make sure you have a pen this time too, and that you're mentally prepared to surrender and follow the rhythm of my voice. Allow my words to slowly become your thoughts, as I guide your steps along the way, into a magical journey that will help you know your submissive side better and become a much better slave for me. You will get to worship my boobs a lot in this journey, so I bet you are very excited about it already. Let's not waste anymore time then: go ahead and watch the first part of the series again or in case you haven't yet, watch it for the first time now, then go ahead and purchase this video, click the play button and enjoy!, Size:

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