Ginary [ManyVids] - Kate & Nikki: Sexy Lesbian Sniff & Lick


Download Ginary - Kate & Nikki: Sexy Lesbian Sniff & Lick
Kate England and Nikki Brooks are laying on the bed in sexy underwear and panties... complaining about how the AC went out, and how hot it is. Kate talks about how stinky and sweaty she is, and Nikki sniffs her sexy armpits. Nikki loves the sweet sweat on Kate's sexy body. Kate sniffs Nikki's armpits, loving it. Nikki sniffs Kate's sweaty body, sniffing her sweaty pussy and ass. Nikki and Kate sniff and lick each other's feet, moaning in pleasure. Kate sniffs and licks Nikki's tits and ass, then moves up to her armpits. Kate lays back, and Nikki licks up and down her body. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Kate or Nikki? Email us today.), Size:

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