Foot Patrol Studio [ManyVids] - Office Pop with Jean Jaxxson - Part 2

Download Foot Patrol Studio - Office Pop with Jean Jaxxson - Part 2
Foot Patrol Inspector Archer Legend has taken Miss Jean Jaxxson to a nail salon to have a brand new pedicure applied. Upon their return to her office, Jean thanks the inspector and bids him farewell. Archer chuckles and explains that his job is not done: a final inspection must be done to ensure her feet are fully street legal. She relents and allows the inspector to put her feet in his slobbery mouth again. When Jean thinks this ordeal is finally over, he informs her that a $300 fine is owed. Jean balks at this absurdity and refuses to pay. Archer slaps on the toe cuffs and tells her she’s going to go downtown. Jean doesn’t want to risk the embarrassment of all her co-workers finding out about her delinquent pedicure practices so she agrees to give the inspector a handjob in lieu of payment. “We have to be quick,” Jean Jaxxson says “my boss will return any minute.” Stay tuned for an action packed Part 3 to witness Jean Jaxxson manipulating the inspector to get out of paying the ticket., Size:

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