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Hannah Perez is ready for her session to begin with Anabelle Pync, but she has to wait for her to arrive first. Finally, Anabelle arrives and Hannah asks that she wants to work on Yoga. Anabelle hasn't really been into yoga in some time adn wants to get the technique right again. So Hannah is more then happy to help. Hannah gives Anabelle a bottle of water, she likes to make sure her clients are hydrated before starting. Anabelle a little bit of the water and then as they begin she gets light headed and faints to the floor. Hannah is extremely happy that she is out. Counting on it to work. Hannah starts feeling on Anabelle's limp body. Until Anabelle starts waking up. Hannah tries to ask Anabelle if she is okay, as if she wasn't taking advantage of Anabelle being out. Hannah wants to know if Anabelle has ever fainted before and Anabelle replies.. Never. Hannah wants Anabelle to relax on the bed for a moment, just to regain her composure. Hannah doesn't mind giving Anabelle a littl massage to help her out. Or nerve pinch to put her on her ass again. Anabelle is out and Hannah lays on her. Hannah feels Anabelle up and then she begins to wake up. Anabelle doesn't understand what is going on. To which Hannah wants to help some more... with aroma therapy. As if she is really helping anyone but herself. Hannah sprays a little something that has worked in her favor really well. Anabelle finally comes to only to see that she is completely naked. She knows she has to get out of there before anything else happens.. like the room being filled with gas to put her on her ass again., Size:

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