Faye Taylor [ManyVids] - Wet close up Bambino diaper crinkling


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I’m in the bedroom, and I’m in a cheeky mood I’m wearing a sparkly black jumper, a knee length pair of pink and white striped socks, and I’m nice and snug in a soggy Bambino. As I strike some poses on the bed to show off my Bambino from different angles, I can’t resist running my fingertips over the crinkly plastic. It feels so good…against my fingers when I touch it, and against my pert little bum too! I get onto my knees so that you can check it out from the back, and I jiggle my bum in front of the camera like the naughty little scamp I am! I love wriggling around on the bed when I’m strapped into something very wet, because I can feel the moisture inside the plastic sloshing and squelching The Bambino really is soaked, which is just perfect when you are in the mood to frolic in the bedroom, Size:

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