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I’m out having a walk through a residential area. I’m wearing a colourful striped t-shirt, a black dress over the top, my shapely legs are bare, and on my cute little feet I have on a pair of grey pumps. My walk has taken me to the edge of a park, and as I stand admiring the view, I can feel my bladder heaving with strain and tension! It needs emptying right this second, but as you can clearly see, I’m between a rock and a hard place…on one side of me is the huge expanse of park, with nowhere to shelter, and on the other are houses, where people could be watching me! Oh well, needs must. I’m going to have to do it here, and if I’m spotted, there’s not much I can do I squat down beside a litter bin and hitch my dress right up to reveal the skimpy lilac panties I’m wearing. Then, after placing the camera on the ground, I let it all flow out A warm jet bursts through my panties and my dress, and falls down to the ground like a miniature waterfall. It forms a large puddle between my feet, and as it grows in size, I can feel that my crotch is absolutely drenched. When I’m empty, I pick up the camera and stand up, before walking back towards the houses whilst showing off my sexy figure. When I reach someone’s garden wall, I can’t resist squatting down again on the pavement to expose my saturated panties to the breeze for a second time I know that someone may be spying on me, but this only adds to the thrill There I sit down on the edge of the kerb for yet more flashing, and when I stand up again, you can clearly see that bits of mud and grass have stuck to my bum, owing to how wet it is If someone is watching, they are certainly getting quite a show, Size:

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