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I’m in a nice pub, and have made my way into the lovely bathroom I’m wearing a black jumper, a short black skirt, my shapely legs are bare, and on my cute little feet I have on a grey pair of pumps. The bathroom is clean and well lit, with natural light coming through a large window. The bathroom wall also has a large mirror on it, which lets me check out how good I look as I walk in I enter the stall and lock the door, before making myself comfortable on the toilet. I cheekily position the camera so you can see right inside my skirt, and get a naughty view of the skimpy white panties I’m wearing But now it’s time do what I came in here for…empty my heaving bladder I open the floodgates and squirt a powerful jet down into the toilet bowl, without even bothering to hitch my panties to one side! The jet goes right through the material of the panties, and noisily hits the water in the bottom of the bowl When I’m finished, I I stand up and show off just how soaked I’ve made the panties, giving my pussy a rub through them at the same time Then I flush the toilet, before leaving the stall and washing my hands. Oh how I do love a nice bathroom, Size:

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