Faye Taylor [ManyVids] - Molicare diaper walk round the streets


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I’m having a very relaxing stroll around a city centre. I’m wearing a black t-shirt, a black and white striped dress over the top, a long cream coloured coat, my shapely legs are bare, and on my cute little feet I have on a knee length pair of black socks and my black Adidas sneakers. Underneath my dress is a very tight and snug Molicare As I make my way along the street, I can’t resist hitching up my dress to expose my Molicare to the outdoor breeze. It’s gorgeous blue colour looks wonderful in the daylight, and I just adore how bulky the crotch area looks whist I’m walking. It’s rustling beautifully, and the movement of my legs is causing it to crease and compress I just love flashing my plastic when I’m strolling around a city, knowing that anybody might see me. It’s such a thrill…especially when I keep the plastic on constant show…just like today, Size:

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