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I’m very excited because the gorgeous Aunty Lucy is staying the night my apartment I’m wearing a cream coloured jumper with bats on it, a knee length pair of pink Hello Kitty socks, and I’m tightly tucked into a lovely ID Slip. Aunty Lucy is wearing a sexy negligee, a silk robe, her legs are bare, and on her feet she has on some pretty pink socks. Aunty Lucy is planning to have a relaxing night after I have gone to bed, and she has bought a bottle of fizz and fetched her magic wand so that she can really unwind when she is alone However, she has left them in the bedroom, and I have found them whilst I’m by myself, like the cheeky scamp I am! Aunty Lucy enters the bedroom and sees me eyeing them curiously, and explains to me that the magic wand is for grown ups. I tell her that Step Mommy Amber once used a magic wand on me and that it made me feel all nice and funny inside I’m eager to try again, so I lie back on the bed and spread my legs, exposing my padded crotch to Aunty Lucy! She switches on the magic wand and rubs it over my plastic, and the sensations are absolutely wonderful It makes me feel warm and magical, and I soon get onto my hands and knees on the bed so that she can rub the tip of the magic wand over a different part of my ID Slip. I suck my thumb with pleasure, until the whole thing reaches a crescendo! There is always so much cheeky fun when Aunty Lucy comes to stay, Size:

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