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I often get asked how I think ABDL has changed as time has passed, so today I want to talk about that and share some of my experiences I’m wearing a multi-coloured jumper, a knee length pair of pink socks, and I’m tightly fastened into a lovely Tena Slip Ultima. I think that ABDL has changed for the better since I started on my incredible path many years ago, and there is now more choice, quality and diversity. It’s a wonderful exploration, and as you listen to me talk, I’m sure that you will feel a connection with many of my thoughts. But it wouldn’t be an intimate chat without an intimate wetting, and as my bladder is full to the brim, I decide to empty it here and now I stand up and place both hands on my thighs for support, and allow a powerful stream to spill into my Tena Slip Ultima. I can feel it getting heavier around me, and the warm sensation is spreading as the plastic steadily fills. When I’m finally satisfied, I sit back down on the chair and carry on my chat, only now I’m beautifully soggy Tune into the video to hear exactly what I have to say., Size:

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