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Today I’m going to have a chat with you about how to be an ABDL whilst on a budget I’m wearing my custom designed ABDL vest, my shapely legs are bare, on my cute little feet I have on an orange pair of Pokemon socks, and I’m nice and comfortable in a soggy Tykables Unicorn I get lots of questions about how to get started as an ABDL, and of course, this is a subject which is very close to my heart. Lots of people worry that they don’t have a big enough budget, so I thought it would be super fun to share some tips with you which I think can be a lot of help I’ve created a cozy little area on the floor of my bedroom by spreading out a blanket, and I have my trusty penguin friend Preston with me, along with a couple of his cuddly chums. But before I get started, I want to empty my bladder, so that I can really relax I get onto my knees, and send a warm jet spilling into my Tykables Unicorn, depositing a second layer of moisture right on top of the first! You can see the plastic changing shape as it steadily fills, and I love how I can feel it getting heavier too Now that I have rewet my Tykables Unicorn, I’m ready to share with you my handy tips and give you the benefit of my experience. Tune into the video to hear exactly what I have to say, Size:

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