EroticTanyaLJ [ManyVids] - Ignored at my high heeled feet


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I know you love my feet! I know you absolutely adore my high heels! And I know that you actually get off on being ignored by the hot girls on the site! There is nothing you'd pay more money for than being ignored, isn't that so, little loser? You'd even pay more for me to ignore you than to have real sex with a woman haha that's pretty fucking hilarious, I must say! But hey, whatever tickles your fancy! I'm definitely not going to say no to that! After all, I just love ignoring your stupid ass! So go ahead and fucking pay double for getting ignored by me today! Just stare at my heels, pretend you're there, in the same room with me, getting ignored while I do my thing, and jerk off to that!, Size:

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