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You know I love my sister and will do anything for her. You also know when you married my sister you also married me in the sense we are all family now. Imagine my dismay to drive down a street nearby and see you exiting one of those massage parlors, those rub and tug places. I know what goes on there with those cheap ho-bags and skanks. So, is my sister not putting out enough for you that you have to go spend hard earned family money on a corner shop hooker? I saw you wiping your hands of who knows what and you want to know something? I got pictures of you. That's right, pictures. When you married my sister you married us. I never want my sister to find out about you cheating on her with some cheap rub and tug specialist. She would be devastated to know you went outside the family for your sexual gratification. This is what is going to happen from now on. I am going to take care of your cock needs. You aren't going to throw your money away on any of those massage parlors again. Now lay back, don't touch me! I'm going to relieve you of any pent up load that may be brewing in your ball sack right now. This is a marriage that is very sacred to us and we will do whatever it takes to ensure the trust is kept intact. I know you're a dirty boy, only dirty boys go to massage parlors. I am saving you and her from any one else's hands ever touching this cock. I'm gonna make you a happy boy by making your cock like a hot dog in between my pussy lips. You wonder what it feels like inside these sugar walls don't you? If I let you slide it in that would be cheating on my sister with me and that won't happen. I'm going to keep cranking your cock until you give up your baby batter. No whore deserves this precious cum load only family does. Your cock and cum belong to me now it has ever since you said the words, "I do". From now on when your cock starts to ache and your balls start to bulge you call me. Just say to me "We need to have a serious discussion" and I will be available to drain your balls of every drop of cum. I want to see your cum, its time to give it to me you filthy pig. Oh that was so much cum! You coated my hands and your balls. You are filthy! Now, don't you ever let me catch you cheating on my sister, ever again! Remember, we keep things in the family. Starring: Nicki Hunter, Size:

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