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You think you're good enough to date my little sister? I 'll be the judge of that. She thinks I'm in here asking you questions about your goals in life, let's keep it that way to protect her innocence. You do know she is a virgin don't you? She can't have just any guy break her perfect hymen. If you have too big of a cock you will stretch her out and make her less desirable. For this reason I must see your cock. No, I'm not going to fuck you. I'm not that kind of slut to break my sister's heart by fucking her potential boyfriend. I just want to get a good look at your dick, touch it, rub it some and see what kind of cum load you have. I do want to be an Aunt someday and you must produce a good cum load for this purpose. So lie down and let's get to the inspection. I'll do all the work. You just lie there quietly and hope you pass my exam. My sister is downstairs awaiting my conclusion. I'm not admitting to being a huge slut but I have had a lot of cocks in my mouth so I feel I know what kind of cock would be perfect for my little sister. I didn't waste time to lose my virginity. Look at my little sister though, how innocent she appears. She is so wholesome and sweet she deserves a lovely cock for her first fuck. We can't be in here to long so to encourage your cum load quicker I am going to undress. My little sister has larger breasts than I but mine are still quite perky. I don't get any complaints from the guys I bang about my tight body. My little sister may be the younger one but my experience with many cocks counts for something. Like right now you are getting the best hand job of your life. I don't think my little sister could make you feel this good with her hands. Your cock looks the perfect size for her first time with a man. I'll rub my pussy as I rub your cock since we have to hurry up with this inspection before my little sister comes back and catches us like this. Hurry and give me your cum. I know you want to pass this test. Oh look at all that warm cum! I like that you shared your cum with me for the sake of getting to fuck my little sister. I will go tell her you passed my test. Now, you clean up and don't speak a word of exactly what kind of test I put you through. I'm sure my little sister's pussy will be worth your silence. Starring: Natasha Starr, Size:

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