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Goddess Mae and Konguito are back again with an extra special treat. She knows just what gets your dick hard so they taunt you as they eat their pizza, reminding you about what will happen when they're done. The thought of just one person letting loose on you excites you, let alone two! Konguito even tells about his darkest desires for you. Nasty bitches like you deserve a certain, *special* treatment. Mae lightly humiliates you as she eats her pizza and threatens you with a steamy, stinky surprise from both; she can't wait until you're completely covered in it. Then she takes off her panties and bends over to bare her freshly shaven ass and pussy, clean and ready to give you just what you've been waiting and aching for. It's as if her dark-side comes out with her back-side; Goddess Mae gets nasty and gross as she bares it all...ordering you to lick her clean. Now it's Konguito's turn to douse you with his special blend. What better pizza to $h*t on you with!?, Size:

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