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Sarah Jane - Fuck Warm Up www.manyvids.com/Video/808207/Nerd-Pervert-S01E07-Sarah-Jane/ Sarah Jane was a UK girl who loves cock, so much so she does gangbangs and sex parties for a living and so to me she was perfect for porn, in fact why wasn’t there loads of hardcore porn DVD’s of her out there in the shops??? Anyway we knew Sarah again from one of those industry parties we sneak into and her and my camera lady Scarlet hit it off and always talked about having a night out together, either Scarlet traveling to London or Sarah coming up here. What I thought was going to be a very boring evening, turned in to a mega surprise indeed. Scarlet was working late typing some letters for me and her phone kept ringing. On the final call whoever it was was wanting to meet Scarlet here and hung up on her before she had a chance to stop her. Turns out Scarlet was meeting Sarah Jane and didn’t want her coming round here as she knew what I would try and do, and she was right. I set up the sofa like I would if I was doing a shoot and hoped for the best. When Sarah arrived I asked her if she wanted to do a scene someone time practically as she walked through the door. To my luck she was a bit strapped for cash and said she would do one now as she needed the money. So it was my duty as a nice guy to make sure her and Scarlet’s night out happened by me giving Sarah enough money to go out, its the least I could do. I dived straight into her pussy, which was wet already. Sarah said as soon as she knows she is going to have sex her body becomes ready, ok then. I loved sucking on her massive tits too they were amazing. She knelt down and sucked on my hard cock, wow was she good, those gangbangs had certainly made her a expert in cock sucking thats for sure. I got on top of her and stuck my cock up nice and deep right up to the balls, she then climbed on top of me reverse cowgirl and wow can she go. Doggy was her favorite by miles she loved being pounded hard from behind and I love fucking doing it so its win win all round. She sucked my cock and gulped my cum down and spat a bit out as her mouth was over flowing she made me cum that much, Size:

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