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I am laying in bed in a thong and comfy babydoll nightgown, reading a collection of horror stories while snacking from a bowl of colorful gummy worms. Reading about the dark and hateful tentacles of certain Lovecraftian Great Old Ones turns my thoughts experimentally toward the sugary worms I am sucking, biting, and swallowing. I ditch the book and slide one sugary tendril between the hairy lips of my vagina until it is tucked securely in my warm muscles. So far so good, so I dump the remaining worms into my thong, rubbing them against my clit to feel my moisture making syrupy juices with the gummies. I then pull them out of my sticky bush to let them scatter over my chest, popping another in my mouth for good measure. This video is recorded from above! Update: My vagina still seems to smell fruity a year later. Don't try this at home xD, Size:

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