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Mignight Masty . I had just had a busy day helping friends with a personal project, treated to dinner, a movie and then back to my gentleman callers home for Dessert. Any way, when I got home I was still so horney I had to pull out my favourite toys and figured while I was at it I would record it and upload it for you. I start off crawling seductively on the bed, showing you my big phat round arse in the beautiful street light that fills my room creating beautiful patterns on my wall. I then have a little diddle, stroking, and rubbing my clit until I cum, but I am not done. Out I pull my first toy, The Satisfyer pro Deluxe and boy, it makes me come within the minute. But I am not done, I have another little play with my bean using my fingers but I want something more, I want a deep, earth shattering, full body orgasm so I pull out my Lelo Ina Wave. Now this thing has power. Not only does it stimulate me from the outside, right on my clit, but it delves deep inside to stimulate my Gspot. This thing is glorious. In she plunges, immediately firing up that deep sensitive spot on the roof of my pussy, girating and vibrating, all whilst the outside node strokes and vibrates on my bean. it doesnt take long for it to work its magic. My pussy sucks it all the way in, grabbing tight releasing that allmighty orgasm I had been waiting for., Size:

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