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thought that my boyfriend was up to no good and I finally caught him "in the act" with that no-good-cheating woman. I thought she was a friend of mine!I am NOT hiding my powers any longer and I shrunk them both down small enough to fit into my purse ! You will see me reach into my purse and get them both out. I have them in the cellophane wrap of my cigarette pack. My friend Kamilla is coming over and I am hoping that she will not see or hear them.They are both snooty snobs and hate smoking so you will see me light up a long, skinny cigarette and blow the smoke all over them. It is so funny because I could her their tiny little coughs and it made me laugh. They deserved to be shrunk for what they did to me !I also put the cheating woman on the ground and make her sit between my toes and smash her face into the ground just hard enough not to * her, but to hurt her for sure ! I also make her my own little piece of candy by putting her in my mouth and sucking on her and tucking her down in the side of my cheeck. I also put her in my cleavage because I have seen her time and time agin look at my beautiful cleavage and roll her eyes because she is not nearly as " well endowed" in that area as I am !I have to cute my evil escapade short when Kamilla walks in the door though, Size:

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