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Welcome to one of the best FemDom experiences you can ever encounter. Revenge is SO sweet! Do you really think that it was a total coincidence that we ran into one another again? You are a really cute guy and I was considering going out on another date with you.I admit that you did seem a bit arrogant and egotistical...but almost all pretty boys are. I had hoped that I would be abel to find something a little more than that once I REALLY got to know you. You have been texting me encouraging my feelings towards you and everything was looking up...until... I ran into my friend Janet. We have been friends since high school and she wouldn't lie to me. She told me everything you said about me! I admit that I did cry. I was hurt and even disappointed. After my sadness passed and I was back on my feet I couldn't think of anything other than revenge. it is time for someone to make you pay for your actions. Rich little guys like you come off as so sweet and genuine..girls can't help but to fall for it. Today you are going to get exactly what you deserve. it is time to finally reap what you have sewn. After running into you at the club I invite you over for a refreshment. You take a sip and begin to feel light headed. Did I slip something into it? no my love, you see. that perfume that you can't get enough of? Well it is a fine concoction of my female pheromones. I produce them from this luscious pussy of mine and they can make any man do anything that I want. The mesmerizing scent causes confusion, grogginess, muscle relaxation, you become mesmerized and most importantly, it is the strongest aphrodisiac known to man. You have a raging hard on like you have NEVER had before. I am not going to tell you every last detail here. I want you to experience ME for yourself. I will say that I have hand cuffs, ball gag, nipple clamps and you'd better have your butt plug with you. You surrender everything for me and learn that female supremacy is forever in your life. Some of the things you can expect ( all POV): ass, face sitting , confrontation, ball gagged, hand cuffed, ass fucked, make me bi, female power, older woman, revenge, manipulation, panties, bra, big tits, female domination, bondage sex, orgasms, cougar, MILF, woman on top and the experience of being with ME. * there are some sound enhancing affects to make you experience more intense. Echoing is not through majority of clip*, Size:

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