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Part 1 of the OhMyBod! Public Play series ] Bella has been begging for Sucia to play pokemon Go with her since it came out. She even bought bathing suits for them to wear to make it more fun. The sassy and stubborn Sucia only agrees IF they make it a challenge. They decide to use Bellas new OhMyBod! APP controlled vibrator as a wager. The loser of catching the most pokemon has to wear the device as the other controls it. As every pokemon go player knows the best places to hunt tend to be populated areas. Bella and Sucia go hunting around downtown of a major city. Plenty of cops, construction workers and professionals got to see a glimpse of the bikini clad babes. After playing around and taking the very little off they have on mid day throughout the city and park, Bella ends up being the loser. The two go Tilted Kilt to play around with the toy and Bellas clit. Its a lot more powerful than either of them realized. The battle may have been lost but you can never give up, Size:

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