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In this episode we have Lilith in Chains joining us! We no longer have Lil_KittyTheory joining us but we will have lots new friends that make an appearance! We finish up talking to Lady RedTalon who tells us to go see Vudusk, a liason of the North. When we reach the manor house things seem strangely put together and we are ushered to go find Vudusk at the spire. The spire is a holy site and we are warned to be careful as we journey on. The gatehouse outside the spire is broken into and we find some bodies inside. The gate into the spire has also been broken. The first ring of the spire has a line of mushrooms running down the center we think it is a faerie ring. The next room has a gas in it and seems to confuse whoever goes into the fog. The last room is made of crystal and seems to be celestialy powered. Kyro can see a door in the middle of the room but everyone else sees the spire. When Kyro opens the door he is greeted by Yauth and gains a minor insantiy. Vudusk is injured on the far side of the room and as we go to help him we see a doppleganger of Bloo peek into the room.Kyro closes the door and we head back out through the rooms we came through. In the confusion room we are attacked by dopplegangers of ourselves and a halfling warlock. After a long battle we finally take Vudusk to safety in his manor house where he throws us a feast and rewards us for our efforts., Size:

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