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She may be slutty, she might be a bit tipsy, but you know you want to fuck her. You spot her immediately and the bbq you go to for the 4th of July. You wander off into a bedroom to decide how to approach her, and low and behold, she shows up carrying a bottle of wine. You ask her what she’s doing. She replies that she wanted to dr ink some more wine and escape from the heat for a bit. She asks you what you’re doing, and you say that you have been waiting for her. She giggles. You tell her that you thinks she looks great. She gets really excited and starts to show off her special outfit for the day: cut off jean shorts with stars and stripes, and a tiny star-spangled bikini. You say she would look better without the shorts. She clumsily takes them off, flashing a bit of her ass. She asks you if you like her butt, and she shakes it. You do. She asks you what you want to do, and you suggest something sexual. She asks you to pull your dick out. She says that if you pull your cock out first, she’ll take her tits out. Soon she’s naked, and you’re growing hard. She asks if she can suck your dick. She’s really good, and you find out why when she tells you how she once sucked off the whole football team in high school. You’re ready to fuck her, and she shyly asks you if it would be ok if you fuck her ass. You can’t believe your luck and tell her it’s ok. You lie on your back, and she starts to ride you reverse cowgirl. She explains that she just fucked so many guys, sex started to suck until she discovered anal sex. Now she loves getting her ass pounded. She rides you hard until you cum in her ass. After, she finally introduces herself and says her name is Ashley., Size:

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