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Alyssa is tired of her father keeping his experiments from her. She thinks she is mature enough to handle it and she wants to prove it to herself and her father. A few days ago she found a strange bottle in his lab labelled "Serum" and she wants to find out exactly what is inside. After careful consideration she has decided to try the serum on herself. She turns on the camera to document what is about to happen as she has no idea what the consequences will be. She takes the lid off and takes several sips. It's an unusual taste she can't quite compare to anything she has tasted before. As soon as she puts the bottle down her body starts to feel VERY hot, she starts to regret taking it but then something amazing starts to happen. Her muscles start to grow and her entire body starts GROWING. Her top rips apart and her breasts make their way out of confinement. She feels more POWERFUL that she has ever felt before. Her pants are the next to start to rip as her bulging thighs break free., Size:

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