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HO, HO, HO! I guess it's too early for me to be out. It's Halloween time but I figured I come and tell you something. Homos like you are always naughty. Sucking a lot of dicks and fucking your asses until there's doo doo. Plus you homos don't deserve to get presents for Christmas which is 2 months from now. Santa only gives presents to people who have been good all year. Homos, who are always naughty, get my asshole to eat. If you make me cum while licking and eating my asshole, I'll give you presents. So get on your knees to lick and worship my ass! Yeah, lick and worship all the dirtiness of my asshole from eating cookies. Better lick and worship my ass to make me cum like you want presents so badly. Oh, that feels so good and this is your penance for being naughty, you homo. You won't get pleasure only I will, naughty homo. Keep on licking, keep on licking until I cum inside my black jockstrap. Guess I'll give you presents this cumming December. Got to go. I have other naughty homos to attend too! HO HO HOMO!!! Tags: POV GAY, POV MALE, MALE DOMINATION, ASSHOLE FETISH, ASSHOLE WINKING, ASS LICKING POV, ASS LICKING JOI, ASS SPREADING, COSTUME, EARLY CHRISTMAS, HALLOWEEN, CHUBBY, HAIRY, BEAR, BEARD, SANTA CLAUS, GAY HUMILIATION, VERBAL HUMILIATION, GAY JOI, GAY UNDERWEAR, JOCKSTRAP, NAUGHTY, NICE, Size:

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