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Who are you? I am walking around surviving in the post-apocalyptic desert. Luckily for me, I have found a woman to reproduce with to survive. A man cannot produce with a man! I run into you and I know you are not into women but into guys like me! I am not like you and I won't fuck you. You are an embarrassment for humanity as your kind will be driven to extinction. You could be last gay man on Planet Earth! You are nothing and because you won't ever suck or fuck me, I will make you worship and lick my dirty bare feet. Yeah worship my dirty feet and know you are worthless. Believe in each feet and do as I say, queer ass fuck. Now lick each feet. Yeah taste the dirt off my feet like it's food. Lick it bitch! I see you are more pathetic because you are hard from worshiping and licking my feet. Yeah jerk off to my feet. Jerk off with your lonely queer ass near-extinct dick. This could be the last time you will jerk off to another guy. That disturbs me. Keep licking and jerk off until you cum all over your self. Just cum all over! Now go fuck off and go extinct!!! Tags: POV GAY, GAY JOI, GAY FOOT WORSHIP, POV FOOT WORSHIP, MASK FETISH, DIRTY SOLES, OUTSIDE, OUTDOORS, MALE DOMINATION, ALPHA MALE, MEAN, BULLY, INSULTING, TAUNTING, MALE FEET, BAREFOOT, SURVIVAL, FOOT LICK JOI, FOOT LICK POV, VERBAL HUMILIATION, Size:

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