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EroFM is a succession of artistic videos glorifying Female Masturbation, Pornosexuality and Clinical Delusions for continuous visual stimulation. How do I look, am I pretty? You love me... Your deeply in love with me but it's okay, I know you cannot help looking at my ass, my spread wide pussy and my pretty butthole. I feel you touching me as you watch my movies and look at my pictures. I use my two middle fingers the most when I rub my kitty so I can smell them when I eat. I smell you on those fingers, your salty and yummy. I think of you when I make my movies. Mmm I love your big hands for a fast palm job, do it up & down FAST and then slow in and out. Are you stroking to me? I am addicted to Masturbation. One time I quit palming for orgasms for 7 days because I was worried that other people at work could “read my mind” to know that I masturbate a lot, even though it’s hidden in my head, so they would not think I’m a perv. Other women are very mean and make everyone hate me because they know I am a cronic masturbator. Men understand more, but tend to think I am easy to do them favors. Anyways, in that 7 days, I became much more isolated and repelled by talking to people. Even started to hear people call my name. Now I will not leave for work until I pump one or two orgasms out, then more trough the day in my car. At home I record video for all kinds of people. This video celebrates the act of self-gratification for all to enjoy. Please join along as this slave enjoys self pleasure. Now is not the time to be shy, pull it out or drop them panties one and all. Masturbation is fundamentally necessary for earthly happiness. Self pleasure is healthy and necessary to maintain hormone levels. The act in and of itself is pleasing to watch and participate in at any time of the day or night. - a Healthy Compulsive Masturbation which has become a wise replacement for daily actives in life, such as school, rest, work, relationships and more. - HCM - Healthy Compulsive Masturbation - Caution - Consult your doctor as there maybe healthy side affects that could bring the leading cause to a healthy long life. Side affects may include better health, lack of depression, memory retention, lack of depression, self confidence, happiness and success in most things that others say you cannot do. A new sexual orientation to describe those who love porn even more than sex in real life has reportedly emerged. Pornosexuality refers to those who identify with only being aroused by pornography and experience pleasure alone rather than through human interaction. Slow Motion, Anal Masturbation, Ass Fetish, Anal Dildo, Ass Spreading, Ass Stretching, Asshole Fetish, Asshole Slave, Big Toys, Butt Play, Reality Porn, Erotomanic, Delusional Audio, Female Masturbation, Pornosexual, Sex Therapy-Fantasy, Masturbation, Strange, Schizophrenia, Psychiatric Interview, Delusional Disorder Slow Motion, Anal Pr...

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